How To Stop Feeling Awkward Selling Your Products & Services

How does it feel thinking about selling your products & services? Are you completely comfortable telling people what you’re launching? Do you get confused with what it means to pitch your offers?  It’s no surprise that after providing content for free on social media, it feels a little awkward and weird with the idea of selling.  You know you’ve got […]


Ready To Launch Your Course? How To Know For Sure

Getting ready to launch your course or coaching program? Then, you might be asking yourself if you’re missing anything… No amount of checking or re-checking your to-do list is going to give you that answer (I know…I’ve been there). So, today we’re going to cover 4 things you can consider to go into your next launch confident that you’re prepared […]


Are you simplifying your online course launch too much?

I’m all about you simplifying your online course launch…most of the time new course creators complicate the process, add too many things into the mix, and then later have no idea why their launch didn’t work. But the other end of the spectrum is simplifying too much. Thinking that you can create a landing page or two, sharing a few […]