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I’m all about you simplifying your online course launch…most of the time new course creators complicate the process, add too many things into the mix, and then later have no idea why their launch didn’t work.

But the other end of the spectrum is simplifying too much. Thinking that you can create a landing page or two, sharing a few emails or social media posts, running ads…and expecting huge results.

There are some key non-negotiables in every single launch — that’s what I teach inside Fearless Launching…without these things, you are potentially setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.

Today, we’re going to talk about this misconception about simplifying launches…and how to know if you’re simplifying too much…by looking at a real-life example.

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Launches are like Icebergs … there always so much you cannot see. You’ll never see it either! 

Team, content, emails, tech, ads, communication, strategy….

There’s the surface strategy and there’s always going to be another layer of strategy under that.

But it’s no wonder – you think it looks like all you have to do is put a few pages and then run some ads to them.

Ads require detailed knowledge of your ideal audience, they sometimes take time to get performing.

Now you can keep a launch super simple, using lo-fi or little technology…but you need a map…you always need the map.

Quick Online Course Launch Case Study

So this past week, I spoke to someone who had a few tech questions and also wanted to know about running Facebook Ads…She had a landing page, a lead magnet, wanted to get her program launched, so she was doing what she knew would help her build her list. Ads to a lead magnet.

But I sensed she needed to do some more work before spending any money on ads.

Side note: running some ads to a landing page or a sales page does not make a launch and it can be quite disappointing if you don’t have a few things in place first!

Whether you’re offering something super low-ticket or a high-priced mastermind, there are few things to pay attention to.

You’ll need to start by getting clear on that offer, the outcome that your offer promises and the person who needs/wants to buy that outcome.

Until you have clarity on those things…you shouldn’t run ads. You’ll waste your money. Please don’t do it.

What You Need To Do First

So, when someone comes asking me about automation, setting up ads, I always ask the person to pause. I get this might be infuriating if you’re the person who’s in motion.

But instead of putting up a landing page to an opt-in, I want to make sure you’re giving your ideal customers something that will help them make a decision. I’ll also ask you what your end goal is–getting them on a webinar or a waitlist?

Finally, I’ll even ask you to map out a follow-up sequence where you’re speaking, engaging, and building a connection with them.

I’m a little annoying, but it’s worth it when you think through the whole process–especially with all the pieces of your online course launch.

What I Suggest For Anyone Planning An Online Course Launch

So, I suggested the student go over the building blocks training inside Fearless Launching…and also over to watch the Beta Launch bonus training. 

The building blocks include knowing your ideal customers’ challenges, fears, problems, as well as their dreams, desires, and the thing they want the most!

The beta launch bonus would give her a simple, faster way to get her offer up. She could still keep her process low-tech, also test/develop her offer with actual paying customers inside the test round of the program.

And best yet, she could still use Facebook Ads because she’d know who she needed to target (and what message they needed to hear).

So, now it’s your turn.

Are you oversimplifying your online course launch?

You can find the answer, but make sure you ask yourself these questions before you go calling your launch–a few landing pages, check out pages, and some Facebook Ads… (not a good idea to do that). 

  1. Do I know my ideal customer or clients’ biggest challenges, deepest fears, and what they are struggling with? 
  2. Have I heard them say or express this challenge somewhere–on a live zoom call, on social media, comments on a post, in reply to an email, in response to a survey? 
  3. Do you also understand and know what they want to achieve…so if their problem or challenge was solved, what would that look like? And again, have you heard that person or seen that person express what they want in their own words?
  4. Can you put the two things together–the challenge/problem and the desire into a clear statement?
  5. Does your offer speak to those two things and can you describe your offer and product as speaking to those two things?
  6. Have I spent at least 4 weeks or more engaging, interacting, and delivering communication/content that speaks to their struggles/challenges and the solution?

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