Even after making a perfect plan for your launch, there will likely come a time (especially during your open cart) where you'll start asking…how do we improve this? Can we improve this?

I'm lucky (in a very nerdy way)…

When I work with clients in the Launch Incubator, I get the chance to be with people all the way from the beginning through the open cart and closing of their launch…but there’s something I do with clients and students regardless of their type of business.

You might think there’s nothing you can do during the open cart phase of a launch, but actually, it’s a great time to experiment, think on your feet, and be creative…and yes, you can make changes that can turnaround your launch.

Now, for some of you, that’s getting even 1 sale – if you’re struggling to get a sale. For others, it’s going to be improving and getting more…or getting to the root of a technical problem.

There are things you’ll be able to fix DURING…and some things you’ll just need to put on that, “Well, I guess we should have done THAT.”

If at any time you’re listening today and think, gosh I could really use someone guiding me through this, I’d love to talk to you…and see how I can help.

Here Are 3 Powerful Reminders About Improving Your Launch During the Open Cart

First, we talk about expectations which can be seen from two angles. It’s important to set goals, projections, reverse engineer the goal you want to reach, but on the other hand, you can’t stay too stuck or expect a specific number to happen. 

    • You can make the GBB goals…but until you have data, you won’t know if those goals are based on reality
    • Let go of how the sales will come 

Next, there’s your Mindset which is the way you keep yourself motivated, energetic, and stay in a growth-focused headspace. Things like:

    • It’s not over till it’s over
    • Ask the right questions 
    • Keep it personal

And finally, there’s Momentum which is something so easy to lose after all the work, time, and effort you put into making those doors open! We talk about:

      • The number one thing you can’t do is disappear
      • Keep showing up
      • Keep emailing your list
      • Stick to your plan

Okay, now this isn’t the end of the conversation, so if you want to dig into what happened during your launch open cart before you do it again, reach out to me. 

When you apply for the Launch Incubator, I’ll invite you to a launch success call where we can talk about your last launch, your next launch, and what to focus on now. So, if you’d like to deep dive this convo with someone who’s worked on many types of launches…fill out the application here: https://annesamoilov.com/incubator 

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