How To Trust Yourself & Have More Successful Launches

Do you trust yourself and your ability to run your business? If you’re not sure, does any of the following apply to you? You constantly second guess your decisions and actions. Maybe you waffle back and forth when you make a decision. Or…do you often consider or actually change course? If you’re doing any of these and then also defer […]


Don’t Forget Your Business When You’re Launching (A.K.A Get Out of the Launch Bubble)

Are you in the launch bubble? If you’re heads-down, hyper-focused, and taking daily action toward your next launch….yes, you are in what I call the launch bubble. You feel good, kind of excited, a little obsessed…but it’s because you can feel the progress you’re making. Focus is good, right? While I’m a huge fan of focus and consistent progress…I’m wondering how […]