Are you in the launch bubble?

If you’re heads-down, hyper-focused, and taking daily action toward your next launch….yes, you are in what I call the launch bubble.

You feel good, kind of excited, a little obsessed…but it’s because you can feel the progress you’re making.

Focus is good, right?

While I’m a huge fan of focus and consistent progress…I’m wondering how the rest of your business is doing?

It’s so easy to let things slide.

Your business still needs your attention. Things can get messy FAST.

This week, I’m taking you behind the scenes of the mess I’d been avoiding, discovered, and how I’m fixing it!

What I found when I stuck my head outside the launch bubble

So what did I find? Listen to all the details in today’s episode, but here’s the short version.

1) A hot-mess blog.

Sometimes we need help cleaning up past posts, pages, and other things we created. If you have a website for more than a few years, create weekly content, you might discover some of the same issues I did!

2) Content from an irrelevant past business

I had the idea to keep my past content up about pilates, fitness, and health to serve as a “how I got here” narrative…but truthfully, this only added constant confusion! I still get inquiries about my Pilates services (the ones I no longer offer)!

3) Broken links are an SEO no no.

SEO is gold! It helps your business get found even when you’re not doing anything…it brings in traffic.

When you have broken things and links, it is not only embarrassing but you can also lose your potential customers’ trust. Our site has broken things and links due to a hack that happened a few years ago but we’re slowly working towards what we forgot to fix back then.

After only starting the process of cleaning up my site – I have experienced more traffic to the main pages and blog posts and more opt-ins to my resources.

Now, I have a simple system in place to update and keep my site clean. I walk through those simple steps in the episode. So make sure to listen!

Episode Timeline:

  • [3:05] Why you need help keeping your past content updated
  • [7:37] The importance of SEO for your business
  • [9:24] The negative effects of broken things and links and how they can affect your launches
  • [16:18] The results after spending just a few weeks fixing things
  • [17:51] The process I’m using to ensure that the site is functioning and up to date

Resources Mentioned:

WP Engine*

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Resources For Online Course Creators:

Launch Roadmap PDF

Fearless Launching


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See you next week!

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