Is it possible you’re derailing your launch before they even start?

We know the usual suspects that are to blame for failed launches–everything ranging from tech breakdowns to an offer that doesn’t fit the intended audience.

But there are some other ways we block our own success long before we open the doors to our programs.

Today, I’m going to share some of the sneakiest ways we derail our own launches and marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re a new business owner, launching your first course, or you’re no stranger to launching at all…these are common things that happen during big projects, launches, and anything where you must deliver or complete by a specific date. No one is immune to these.

Let’s dive in and find out exactly what we need to stop doing!

Some habits are so easy for you and me to slip back into, right?

You probably don’t even realize when slipping back time and time again, well, neither do I.

Planning is key for you to achieve a streamlined launch.

As you listen today, you’ll hear my best advice for finding your own sneaky habits like:

Stop listening to everyone! It is necessarily not a bad thing to get other’s perspectives, but remember, not everyone needs to be heard. No one matters in your launch except those you’ll be serving- your target audience. 

Use my CBB mantra. Sneaky perfectionism behaviors that you might not even realize you have will lead you to continually add things to your launch and even change plans at the last minute. 

Planning earlier acts as your roadmap, so make one. The whole idea of launching should be based on an actionable plan. 

Question yourself. What is it that you’re doing to complicating your launch as opposed to simplifying it?

Episode Timeline:

  • [1:58] How we start listening to people’s opinions instead of listening to who actually matters
  • [4:29] Perfectionism – Are you noodling everything all the time…
  • [6:28] Changing your plan by continually adding things and pushing your launch far ahead
  • [8:33] Scrapping an already created plan due to all the above reasons.
  • [12:47] Why rescheduling your launch is a problem
  • [14:04] Taking too many shortcuts–buying your audience, hiring your launch out, using a done for you system without making it your own

Resources Mentioned:

Launch Incubator:

Free Launch Masterclass:

Resources For Online Course Creators:

Launch Roadmap PDF

Fearless Launching


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