during a launchWhen you think of a launch or specifically what needs to get done DURING a launch, you probably think of a long list of tasks…and who’s going to have to do those…or perhaps how are YOU ever going to get through all of them.

Well, you’re right, there are a ton of little things that need to be decided, delegated and done in order to launch a product or service (especially online).

What’s even worse and compounds the issue is that as you’re creating all the pieces, pages, emails, and content for the launch…you’ll be thinking of new ways to keep improving and perfecting all these pieces.

You might think that’s a great thing…but when it comes to launching…I’ve seen it work the other way around.

And it’s not pretty.

So that’s what I’m talking about today.

A brilliant idea that comes too late to execute or execute WELL…now, that’s just a huge bummer. It’s a bummer for you and your amazing strategy you wanted in place…and it’s a bummer for your team (if you have one) that they were rushed to create something last minute that doesn’t live up to their normal quality of work.

[bctt tweet=”Instead of the constant creep of new ideas, features, and strategies, you must apply to your launch…say not yet and create this.” username=”annesamoilov”]

What’s worse is that these last minute changes, flip-flops or additions can actually break the entire launch…especially if they weren’t thought out in advance.

So…I say nope! Not anymore…now, instead of the constant creep of new features, new webinars, new emails, revisions that don’t stop even after the emails are locked and loaded… we’re going to say no more often during a launch and then create a CBB list…Could BE Better.


In order to ship, deliver or finish ANYTHING, you need to know when to let go and get something out the door instead of waiting for perfection to be attained.

When To Create A CBB List During A Launch

Here are the guidelines (questions really) that I constantly go back to in order to decide what is a CBB and what’s a “must-do-now” task:

  1. Is it broken? Does it work or get the idea across? Does it do what it’s supposed and can people still purchase?
  2. Is this a dealbreaker for the launch?
  3. Do I have the time to do this right now?
  4. Do I have the people or resources to do?
  5. Can I schedule this for later or come back to it and still be happy with the result?
  6. Can I launch without this?

If it’s not broken and does what it’s supposed to…keep moving. Put the CBB items on a list, add a date you’ll come back to it, and then schedule time to come back later.

Bonus points: go through your current launch task list once a week to pull items off to the CBB list. You’ll feel instantly lighter without feeling like you’ve given up any of your amazing ideas.

Make sure to listen to this episode because I’m being totally open about what I put on my own CBB List for the upcoming launch of Fearless Launching.

Next Step: Prioritize the CBB List

So you’ve got your CBB list…and it’ll likely grow throughout your launch. I can’t think of one person who doesn’t get new ideas as they work on a project of any kind…inspiration seems to strike in the thick of a launch. 

Schedule time in your planner, task management software, on your phone to go through your CBB list, decide what you still want to try to do, decide what gets trashed, and then move things around in the list to make sure you know what is the most important thing you’d like to tackle…

But only if there’s time.

Here’s a link to my CBB tracker printable available right now! It’s pretty simple…what’s the CBB and what date do you want to revisit it (if you know that date).

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