Hangout online with other entrepreneurs and small business owners long enough and someone (maybe even you) will proclaim that they are launching.

(Incidentally, I am even launching – but no for real…Fearless Launching is open for it’s very first session of 2016.) 

So, now it’s your turn.

You’ve decided that you want to launch something you’ve been creating in your head or actually working on for months now.

An ebook. A group coaching program. A new blog. An online course. A webinar. A Blog series. A completely new business. A shop. A new product.

But when’s the right time to actually launch something? When are you, your business and your ideal customers ready for you to launch?

Some people believe you can launch to 0 people, while others declare you must build your list to 1,000.

And if that’s true that you need a certain number of people to launch, why do people with established lists sometimes NOT have a great launch, while new businesses seem to bust out of nowhere?

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Is there a process where you don’t have to make a ton of videos, hire a huge team, and over-email your non-existent list?

We launch, we promote, we try to write more emails. More tweetables. We run more Facebook Ads. We schedule more webinars.

Yet we can’t seem to turn the strategies we see the gurus doing into a complete working plan or system. (That’s really the key…is turning what we see into a reusable system)

And we’re not making more money either. In fact, we might keep trying to replicate what we see, buy new strategies to try…and make less.

Yet, despite this struggle, some people DO manage to launch and make money over and over again almost like clockwork.

So how do you find that system that works for you? How can you launch like Marie Forleo and Laura Roeder or even Jonathan Fields when you’re pretty certain you don’t have the right tools or resources to make it happen?

I’ll get to that in a second, because I know first hand HOW those inspiring entrepreneurs launched.

But first, let me share something a little personal…

…something that demonstrates why launching should be something you can start working on from the minute you start your business

…something that also shows you that you are likely waiting to launch because you’ve got some preconceived notion of what launching is… (but we’ll get you over that)

…something that will show you why everything in your business will come back to your ability to launch (in different ways and with different types of offerings)

Pull up a chair and listen because I really think reading someone else’s story is the way to see yourself, what you’re going through, and why we’re all kinda the same…

Spoiler alert: this is the real story behind my first REAL launch

You might know (or not…no assumptions here) that I launched Fearless Launching in February 2012.

I’ve been launching/teaching this class since then at least 2 times a year…2016 marks the 5th year!

What you might not know is that it took me about 6 months of badgering from my friends and mastermind partners to figure out what I was launching (they knew before I did)…and then another 6 months to figure out who it might be for, that people would want it and then to open the doors to my first launch.

What Took Me So Long To Launch

Let’s break this up…

So that first 6 months where I was trying to figure out what to launch? People were telling me. My entrepreneur friends. My mastermind partners. Maybe my own mother even.

I knew too much about the inner-workings of 6 and 7 figure launches. I saw all the pieces and all the people to pull off all the pieces. I saw the well-produced webpages, videos, images, branding…everything that looked so pro.

And while I didn’t necessarily want to mirror those launches, I didn’t want to look like a launch hobo with everything patched together.

I was afraid of looking bad, unprepared, and the exact opposite of PRO.

Now, the second 6 months or so when I was still trying to figure out the how to launch part…the key activities I was doing were:

  1. Building relationships with people in 2 specific Facebook groups (Who)
  2. Reaching other audiences by regular guest posting (Who)
  3. Planning the strategy/schedule for the first launch (When)

The HOW came later.

What you need to know is that…

I wasn’t building the product yet.

I wasn’t even blogging regularly yet about the topic of launching.

I was definitely not even creating a sales page or worry about anything techy.

Now if you want to hear the rest of that story, you can head here, or here to read more about the whole Fearless Launching evolution, but I’d rather you start with the stuff that came before Fearless Launching.

The Big Realizations

Did I take too long figuring out who, what, and when to launch?

Maybe… I know now that I could have launched earlier because the what and who were already works in progress. I already knew enough to get the first iteration of Fearless Launching out.

*You’ll never know everything about your audience because they will keep changing and growing just like you and all of us humans do!

Was it really okay that I launched Fearless Launching without all of my dream bells & whistles?

Yes! In fact, I say to launch like this as often as you can!

People want to see your evolution, be part of your story, see you grow…because it makes their own changes acceptable. Plus, they’ll trust you if you trust them to see you at your most beginning stages.

My launch process is still roughly the same as it has always been. Blog posts, emails, webinars…and now 21-Day Challenges.

You can go even simpler than that…as long as you pay attention to those pre-launch pieces I talked about above.

And even though managing other people’s launches feels like cake in comparison to working on my own, my biggest takeaway is that everything comes back to the launch.

Whether you’re thinking about hiring…

Whether you’re writing a new blog series…

Whether you’re promoting a webinar…

Or creating a new product…

Everything comes back to the question, how will I launch this? how will this fit in with the next launch?

When you run your own business, you always have to be thinking about the launch…the when, the who it’s for, the why they want it, the exact what you’re giving them…

9 conversations out of 10 with my business besties are about how they will promote or launch their next product or service.

While my consistent wins with Fearless Launching might sound great to you (and really they are, having on average 40-50 perfectly aligned people in the program most sessions rocks my world!), my results aren’t mysterious or achieved by chance.

The steps I’ve taken over the years and the strategies I use with my Guru clients can be applied by anyone who wants to launch a new service or product AND start making consistent recurring income.

In fact, I’ve already coached hundreds of people with all sorts of business and in different industries, with different audience sizes, budgets and have seen amazing results including–

→ Doubling revenue by changing up ONE pre-launch element

→ Tripling list size and strengthening a community that’s finally responding to offers

→ Finally feeling confident that one launch isn’t a fluke and that results can be reproduced

→ 5 figure launch a new product without a long form sales page or even one email

I feel so fortunate…

Launching has made it possible for me to have a solid, growing 6-figure business, have plenty of time to be a mom and wife, spend time with my family, work with amazing virtual partners, and get to know a whole crew of Fearless Launchers that are literally amazing me every single day!

The big question is how do you launch your products and services without overwhelm, without using another guru’s system, without a ginormous team, even if you’re just starting out and make money to live the life you want to live?

And to start answering that question, I’m excited to announce that over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more content on the blog that I think you’re really going to love… because we’re going to cover everything you need to know to start taking the right steps toward your next launch (even if you think you’re not ready to start working on it).

And I promise to provide you with practical tips you can implement right away to get clear on your launch strategy.

  • I’ll show you behind the scenes inside my launch lair so you can see exactly what I’m working on and what I do first.
  • I’m going to share some new-slash-old-slash-everyone makes them mistakes and how to avoid them completely.
  • I’m going to reveal some specific strategies YOU can use to start preparing for your LAUNCH today. (no theory…this is what I did)
  • And much more.

My hope is that by the end of the blog series, you feel prepared and ready to work on your launch…I want you to be empowered to work on your launch even if you are JUST opening the doors to your business, because you’ll know that everything in your business depends on how you launch…

If you want to know when each post comes out, make sure you’re on my mailing list by clicking this link right here.

And if you’re excited to dig into this series, bring along a friend, because the buddy system does work and could maximize your results.

Before you go…I’ve got one more question for you…

Do you believe you are ready to start preparing to launch?

  • If yes, what are you planning to launch this year? Tell us what business you’re in and what you’re launching. Make sure to leave a link so we can check you out!
  • If no, tell me why you think you’re not ready. What type of business are you in? Why do you believe you’re not ready to working on a launch?

Oh…and here’s something you should know!

All of the content for this blog series is in draft form right now. That means, I want to add answers to your questions before I hit publish. So, don’t be shy! Leave your questions about launching below or tell me what you really need help with…I’ll do my best to address your questions in the series itself or in an upcoming webinar I’m hosting in a few weeks!