It's a new year…time to build momentum and finally launch your big ideas!  

Last week I talked about building momentum in your life and business…and how using the natural energy of a New Year is a perfect time to do this.

And a 21-day challenge seemed like the perfect way to help you, help me, and help all of us take action every single day.

Because, my friends, action is what it takes.

Sure – the right action is also important, so that’s why I’m helping with those important launch prep activities that have to be done no matter when you’re launch.


To kick off the very first monthly launch challenge…and this month we’re calling it #ReadyToLaunch2016.

Each day for 21 days, you’ll do an activity that will get you, your business, that product you want to launch READY to actually sell.

What does it include? Everything from choosing the project/launch itself (spoiler, day 1!) to talking to your audience (yes, you must do this)…and leaking your launch to your audience.

Each and every one us building our businesses has the ability to launch–with or without a big list, with or without a full team, and with or without a huge budget.

Daily consistent action is what will get you there…that and surrounding yourself with a group of amazing people all working toward their launches too.

I believe that if you can build the habit to show up every day, do the work that moves your big ideas forward, get support and accountability to make sure you’re doing the right things, that’s when launching is possible.

That’s why this month’s 2016 kick off challenge will have a lot of foundational actions, important stuff you should be doing before you even utter the word launch, and will give you the daily practice you need to become consistent.

It all starts with you, finishing this sentence:

“In 2016, I’m launching…”

(Scroll down for the full list of daily prompts!)

Ready to join me? Being part of a supportive community has so many benefits that you won’t believe your eyes at the end of just 21 days how much headway you’ll make toward your launch. Let's do it! Read up on the rules below and invite your friends using the tweet below!

While you don’t have to be signed up to participate in this free challenge, those of you who are signed up will be eligible for a full scholarship to Fearless Launching – when run our scholarship contest at the end of the month!


First – Download all your challenge materials here.

Second – Set a top three related to your launch every single day. You'll thank me because this builds a practice, a habit, and helps you not just now, but down the line when you're feeling overwhelmed or anxious or unsure of what to do next. FIND 3 things you can do to for your focus project (doesn't matter how small you think they are) and do that.

Third – If you're not already in the Facebook group, go now and join The Fearless Launching Lounge. This is the one group and time of the year where you get full reign to talk about what you're launching! Share the ups & downs of wherever you are in the process…plus, you may find an accountability partner or your next business bestie too!

Fourth – know that this challenge will be running in multiple places. The hub of everything is the Facebook group, but I'm also going to pop on Periscope every single day and I'll be posting images over on Instagram. All you have to do is be where you can and want to be. You won't be missing anything if you decide you just don't want to post pictures on Instagram.

And wherever you share what you’re doing during the challenge, make sure to use our challenge hashtag: #ReadyToLaunch2016

Make sure you sign up for the challenge right now and you’ll be eligible for a full scholarship to Fearless Launching !!

Let's kick 2016 off and prepare to launch together!!