Streamlining Your Podcast Production with Descript

How streamlined is your podcast production process? I go through seasons where I’m all over the place in terms of tools and how I get the work done…but thankfully, I’ve landed on a simple process. Today’s episode explores how I transitioned from using multiple tools for my podcast production to relying MOSTLY on Descript. I wanted to take you behind […]


Build Your Email List From Scratch For Your First or Next Launch

This episode dives deep into how to build your email list for online entrepreneurs, exploring why building a targeted list is crucial for selling courses, products, and services effectively. I’m sharing some unique mindset shifts that were necessary for me to build my own email list…and how things shifted in my business once I focused on the quality of leads […]


My Simple Weekly Routine for Productivity

Today we’re working through my simple weekly routine for productivity…this is something I have created not just for my life as a single mom, but also as an entrepreneur. If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes to be a full-time business owner, creator, podcaster, entrepreneur, online education, business, and course creator. Then you are in luck. […]