Today, weโ€™re focusing on the challenges and strategies around selling online courses, specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners who might be starting out or returning after a hiatus.

I discuss the importance of shifting from creating free content to selling online courses, digital products, and services. I kick things off by sharing 3 key steps to help you sell more confidently and show up with true enthusiasm for your products/services and the value they bring to your ideal customer.

So, if you’ve ever felt awkward trying to get the words out, you’ll appreciate this episode and have a few more ways to start selling your online courses (and products)!

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome & the Importance of Selling

01:58 Reflecting on Your Feelings About Selling

04:53 Three Essential Steps to Start Selling Confidently

05:07 Step 1: Building Confidence in Your Offer

09:12 Step 2: Talking About Who You Serve

15:17 Step 3: Diverse Selling Strategies

18:10 Practical Ways to Talk About Your Offer

26:44 Conclusion: Embrace Selling as Part of Your Identity


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