This episode dives deep into how to build your email list for online entrepreneurs, exploring why building a targeted list is crucial for selling courses, products, and services effectively.

I’m sharing some unique mindset shifts that were necessary for me to build my own email list…and how things shifted in my business once I focused on the quality of leads over the quantity.

You’ll learn practical strategies for starting and growing an email list with or without a website or established platform, by leveraging places where you regularly show up online. You’ll also learn the importance of maintaining engagement with your list, including the use of core freebies and the concept of practice launches.

The episode is packed with actionable tips and reflects on the importance of connecting every aspect of list building to specific offers, aiming to help listeners refine their approach to growing and nurturing their list of potential customers.

Episode Highlights:

  • 00:00 Unlocking the Power of List Building for Your Online Business
  • 01:41 The Essential Mindset Shifts for Effective List Building
  • 04:56 Building Your Audience: Strategies and Tools
  • 07:20 Leveraging Freebies for Growth: A Deep Dive
  • 18:56 Mastering the Art of Practice Launching
  • 24:31 The Aftermath: Nurturing Leads Post-Download
  • 35:04 Final Thoughts and Resources for List Building Success

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