Today we're working through my simple weekly routine for productivity…this is something I have created not just for my life as a single mom, but also as an entrepreneur.

If you've ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes to be a full-time business owner, creator, podcaster, entrepreneur, online education, business, and course creator. Then you are in luck. I've seen a bunch of these, and I've listened to a bunch of these behind-the-scenes podcasts lately.

So I thought, why not do one now? Today's episode won't have the actual live footage included, but you'll see some behind-the-scenes over on Instagram and TikTok soon… So, if you're interested in learning my simple weekly routine for productivity, let's dive in!

One of the most important skills you need as an entrepreneur who sells and launches their offers…is to be more productive. That doesn't mean you have to work 24-7, but it does mean you have to be smart with the time you do have and build practices that become second-hand and automatic.

Episode Highlights:

01:10 Quick update about last week's non-typical week
02:00 All the things I had to cancel this week
03:07 Productivity is an important key skill if you plan to launch
03:47 Why I'm obsessed with behind-the-scenes productivity vlogs
05:02 The Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up Routine
07:03 My Daily Themes
10:01 Cognitive Fuel and Why You Gotta Have Systems
13:00 How I Stay Focused
13:48 Build systems to help you get your work done more easily

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