Today I’m going to share my personal experience switching my online course platform from Kajabi to Thrivecart.

Making any move like this takes time, so you want to be sure you know what’s involved and if it’s even necessary! That’s why I knew I needed to give you a tell-all behind the scenes of what made me finally move off Kajabi.

Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s show:

*My reasons behind leaving Kajabi, despite having a positive experience

*The top issues on this online course platform such as the cost and the difficulty of integrating existing content and services.

*The benefits of Thrivecart, including its one-time payment model, ease of use, and integrated features like Thrivecart Learn for hosting online courses.

*How the platforms stack up to each other–like email marketing, landing pages, and payment processing.

*Insights for beginners considering either online course platform, emphasizing Kajabi for simplicity and Thrivecart for more tech-savvy users and those looking for cost-effective solutions.

*My recommendations for each platform are based on the user’s business stage and needs.

Thrivecart Checkout + Learn Platform

Kajabi’s 30-Day Trial – courtesy of Joann Krall

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Making the Big Tech Switch: From Kajabi to Thrivecart

02:11 Why I Left Kajabi: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

06:49 The Kajabi Experience: Features, Frustrations, and Final Thoughts

13:57 Discovering Thrivecart: A New Beginning

18:59 Thrivecart Deep Dive: Features, Flexibility, and Final Verdict

26:18 Kajabi vs. Thrivecart: My Comparison and Recommendations

27:44 Wrapping Up: My Final Thoughts on Kajabi and Thrivecart

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