How many online courses have you purchased over the life of your business?

Do you find yourself just buying and buying online courses all the time?

We all start needing to learn things. So we take the courses, we download things…and we get to work. Maybe we’re in this cycle of downloading and doing for years. At some point, I hear every single student and person I know utter the words, “ugh, I don’t think I need another course. I have plenty to apply right now.”

Do you believe you already know what you need to for your business right now? You should be able to buy courses as part of your growth strategy…obviously…but when do you stop buying and instead apply what you already know?

Sometimes you need to get out of ‘consuming mode’ and get into ‘execution mode’. Implementing what you’ve already learned or start learning with intention.

Now that you have already gotten the basics and want to get better, what do you do next?

Let’s find out!

Episode Timeline:

  • [6:31] Buying an online course or a tool to learn and move your business forward.
  • [10:10] How to reach out to business friends to help you get out of the ‘consuming mode’.
  • [11:23] Consider hiring experts to help create assets for your business.
  • [13:28] The ways you can build a team.
  • [15:05] Learning to improve your existing products or services.
  • [17:01] How to find someone to untangle everything in your business.

Resources For Online Course Creators:

Launch Roadmap PDF

Free On-Demand Masterclass

The Launch Incubator

Fearless Launching


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