How do you change your business? By making big moves and taking big risks? Not always.

What if making small tweaks to your business or marketing could create big shifts?

Over these last five years, I had a mission to show you how to launch without trying to mimic or copy or use a one size fits all approach. And while I still believe we should all be listening and trusting ourselves MORE, I knew that the mission of the show had to shift (in order to grow).

I considered creating a completely new podcast. Start from scratch.

But that just sounded exhausting…

And a little pointless…

So, instead, I’m working with what I’ve already built over the past 5 years.

What’s more important than me proving “gurus are wrong” or done for you strategies don’t work?

Well, it’s simply thinking for yourself. If you want to start with a template, start with a defined process…that’s fine. 

But make the decision for yourself. 

So no more proving. No more trying to be right…or rebelling against other approaches simply because being “you” is more important.

The Fearless Launching Show is now here to answer the question, “How can I launch my big idea to the world in the most simple straightforward way possible and reach more of the right people?”

Since I’ve been helping SIX AND SEVEN figure business owners launch for over a decade, I have seen it all–the overly complex, the simple launch, the tech nightmares. While I love geeking out about improving launches, I’m also obsessed with exploring the heart, mind, challenges of running your own business. 

And that’s what we’re going to do each and every week. I want to show you how to launch that course or coaching program or other creative work AND navigate the journey of being an online entrepreneur.

You’ll still hear me geek out about launches, but now I’m opening up to give you a deeper look at the heart and mind of entrepreneurship, PLUS ways to navigate this life if you’ve chosen it too.

So if you’re ready for some new perspectives & stories about launching, I can’t wait to share them with you.

Listen to today’s show to hear more about how the show is changing and how you can be part of this new chapter.

Let’s do this!


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Thank you SO much for being here, I so appreciate it.

See you next week!