Make More in 2024 with my 10-Minute Marketing Map

If one of your goals for 2024 is to generate more revenue in your business, you’ll need a marketing map to get there. I’ve got a simple marketing map process that will help you not only know how you’re going to get to your goal but actions you’ll need to take every month toward that goal. In this episode, I […]


How To Use Verbal Processing To Have A Better Launch

Did you know that verbal processing is my top way of staying on track during my launches? So, what exactly do I mean by verbal processing? Verbal processing is really just talking through your problem, what you’re doing, and where you need help.   Want to know why it’s so powerful and how do I do it? Today’s short episode walks […]


How To Stop Feeling Awkward Selling Your Products & Services

How does it feel thinking about selling your products & services? Are you completely comfortable telling people what you’re launching? Do you get confused with what it means to pitch your offers?  It’s no surprise that after providing content for free on social media, it feels a little awkward and weird with the idea of selling.  You know you’ve got […]