Did you know that verbal processing is my top way of staying on track during my launches?

So, what exactly do I mean by verbal processing?

Verbal processing is really just talking through your problem, what you’re doing, and where you need help. 

 Want to know why it’s so powerful and how do I do it?

Today’s short episode walks you through the process I use with clients, students, business besties, and even family members!

And don’t worry – even if you don’t feel like sharing your deep dark launch secrets…there’s a way for you to do it on your own too!

Today’s episode covers something that has helped me and my launches immensely as I’ve gone through my business, different types of launches, and stay on top of all the moving pieces of a launch…verbal processing.

You can do this by recording these things through mobile apps on your iPhone and sending it to someone to help you process your problem better. Sending your problem to someone or just recording without sending it helps you to relax and see things more clearly. 

Does this sound like a strategy you want to include in your business?

Episode Timeline:

  • [3:59] Understanding what verbal processing is and why you should be doing it
  • [5:57] The importance of doing verbal processing
  • [7:53] Recommended platforms to do your verbal processing strategy
  • Where else you can use verbal processing…and even when you’re delivering your products & services 

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