Do you have a successful launch system? You know something you can improve and repeat over and over again? If you’re not sure, today’s episode covers 5 keys to creating this system.

Every launch is a system of pieces and moving parts that help you deliver an experience to your audience.

Just like any other system you’d create in your business, you should be able to revise, improve, and repeat this system so you’re never starting from scratch.

So, today’s keys will help you do all of the above. You can get started on these 5 keys today, no matter what your experience with launching a course or coaching program is!

Which keys do you need to create? And are you ready to create a better launch system?

There are 5 keys to all successful launch systems that you will need to make this successful…here they are in no particular order, but one can’t do without the other.

5 Keys To A Successful Launch System (Quick List)

Who are your people? You need to define who your people are, what are their needs, and where they want to go. 

What is your offer? Define what your offer is, how it relates to the above person, and how you’re going to present it to them. 

Understand your tools and how you’ll deliver them. It is critical you understand how whatever you’re launching will play out on the page so people never feel confused and always feel part of it!

Have a launch map. You will need to define your people and your offer to be able to create a launch map. Your map is your strategy and everything you need to create. 

Find a way to interact with your people. This means having a sales moment with your target people. 

So, do you have all the above and ready to launch? 

Episode Timeline:

  • [3:07] How to define who your people are
  • [3:49] Why clarifying what you sell and how you present it matter 
  • [4:18] What’s your tech stack?
  • [5:09] Create a launch map to help guide your strategy
  • [6:39] Have a sales moment to interact with your people
  • [7:38] Recapping the episode


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