How do you feel about using automated marketing strategies in your business?

Most people either love or hate using any type of automation. There’s usually not a lot of in-between until they realize how powerful automation can be, so today, we’re going to talk about Messenger Bots and how easy they are to set up.

Have you tried incorporating Facebook Messenger funnels? If not today’s guest will help you get started creating your first funnel using a platform most of us are on every day!

Jenna Dancy is a Messenger marketing expert who works with driven but super busy women entrepreneurs who have little time to work on their businesses. She helps them scale their businesses while using automation strategies that feel authentic to their audience. 

Jenna became obsessed with Messenger after realizing she’d lost a client simply because she never responded to them on Facebook Messenger.

So, she decided to start taking the whole idea of a Messenger sequence seriously and use it as a marketing tool for her business. Cut to today–she helps coaches do the same thing!

If you’re ready to start using simple funnels inside Facebook/Instagram Messenger, keep listening to today’s episode.

Automated marketing might be one of those things you look at as a task to do only when you have time to check the box or when your business is more developed.

But as Jenna shares her passion for this not new but still under-used marketing channel, she stresses how you can/should approach it with excitement to serve your business and your potential clients.

Let’s get into the episode! 

Episode Timeline:

  • [3:15] How Jenna helps women entrepreneurs authentically automate their businesses 
  • [8:30] The value of using Messenger as a marketing tool for your business 
  • [14:20] The two mistakes you’re making with your Messenger marketing strategy
  • [17:51] She explains the many places you can incorporate your chatbots
  • [20:50] The different ways you can integrate chatbots into a webinar effectively
  • [25:21] How to connect your Messenger link to your sales page to help with the follow-up
  • [28:34] How to use Messenger to run an ad to understand your ideal avatar
  • [35:22] Why Messenger is an effective way to communicate and connect to your audience

Quick Tip: If you’re running Facebook ads to Messenger in the EU, make sure you’re targeting mobile-only, no matter what you’re doing in the US or Canada. 

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