How do you build your business legacy especially when change happens sometimes in a blink of an eye?

Imagine shifting from employee to business owner in one meeting. It is a rare experience that happened firsthand to Dr. Monikah Ogando.

Monikah is a keynote speaker and executive coach on leadership, communication, and diversity. She is the CEO of CEO Mastery where they help both emerging and established business leaders to perform at previously unheard-of levels via coaching, training, consulting. 

Monikah learned the power of leverage early when her first firing squad became her first experience of advocating for herself in the business world and asking for what she wants and getting it. 

She joined us on the podcast this week to talk about how the shift played out and also share insights into how your worst business season forces you to be agile, flexible, and become more creative about your business than you thought possible. If you're ready to build your business legacy, keep listening.

The 2008 financial crisis became Monikah’s worst financial year and instead of wallowing in pain, so she dusted herself and realized how to use her business experience to her advantage. She learned that it is when you’re down that you have the power to be creative and pull yourself back up. 

Monikah expanded her business from just sales training to communication, leadership, and team building. She now teaches all the things that are required to bridge the gap between who you are, your business, and the business legacy you want to leave behind. 

She’s very huge in teaching you that your business should be able to take care of you after all of your sacrifices. As a result of this passion, she created The Women Wealth and Worthiness and Men Money and Mastery programstwo programs that teach both men and women about wealth and worthiness. You have to understand that you are wealth, and you are your own key to business legacy. 

This is an important conversation you do not want to miss!

build your business legacy

Episode Timeline:

  • [3:03] Monikah’s business journey plus the wins and challenges through the years. 
  • [13:15] Learning to be creative and pull herself back up after a business failure.
  • [17:12] Expanding her business from just sales training to all other business components.
  • [22:06] How to build a business that can sustain itself at some point after investing everything in it. 
  • [28:53] She explains the beta program that she created about money and how it spoke to the need.
  • [31:05] The launching and relaunching of The Women Wealth and Worthiness and Men Money and Mastery programs. 
  • [35:07] How to be aware and transcend patterns of your background.

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