Build Your Business By Questioning Everything with Nathan Latka

Are you ready to break some rules in your business?

Our guest has some urgent information to share with you.

His latest book is one that he has called urgent, mostly because it contains information that could be outdated in just a year or two…but right not it’s powerful, detailed, and he’s ready to challenge what you know to be true about building your business.

Today, we’re speaking to author Nathan Latka about his latest book, “How To Be A Capitalist Without Any Capital.”

Now, I listened to this book, I read the book too…why? I consumed it in both ways because there’s a lot of refreshing perspectives that I just couldn’t leave to one format…

Nathan challenges what lots of online teachers and strategists are encouraging all of us to do…

Whether you agree with him or not, you’ll be left asking a lot of questions and coming to your own conclusions instead of simply nodding your head and continuing to accept everything you hear.

Let’s dive in.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • Nathan’s shares the short version of his story…and how he got started
  • Why “do one thing” may not be serving us well or helping us grow a strong business
  • How to start using systems from the beginning of your business…and why it’s easier than you think
  • The one system I’m systematizing in my business as a result of Nathan’s book
  • How to copy other successful businesses the right way
  • Why interviewing Nathan made me a little nervous
  • Other revenue streams to consider when building out your business – and the nickname Nathan gives them

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Thank you so much for listening! I’ll see you next week!


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