Want to know some common business mistakes we’re all prone to making before we get up and running? 

If you’re eager to launch your business, you might be thinking about all the things you’ll create, what your products will be, how you’ll serve your audience, your coaching packages… fonts, don’t forget about fonts…

But that’s not all.

Business means you’ve got something to offer to people for sale after all, right?

Today we’re going to hit the pause button and do a little rewind (possibly).

But before you go down the path of creating your products first, consider what business you’re building.

Our guest today has been building startups since the age of 19.

She brings a diverse background in design thinking, international development, and business management and loves to challenge accepted business norms and push boundaries.

Sophia Sunwoo walks entrepreneurs and business owners of all kinds set up the foundational pieces and systems of their business–whether they have products or services already–or are just getting started.

So, if you’ve been going full tilt, creating products without really having a vision or mission or goal for your business…today is for you.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sophia’s very interesting background, plus some of the new organizations she has created.
  • The biggest mistakes that you see entrepreneurs commit when they’re first launching their business?
  • How she helps entrepreneurs STOP “DIY startup building”
  • How Sophia approached entrepreneurs and business owners who believe in “hustling”

Have you made any of these common business mistakes Sophia mentioned today?

If any of the mistakes Sophia mentioned today struck a nerve with you or sounded familiar AND you feel like sharing, leave a comment below! We’d love to support you!

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