Curious how finding a mentor can be a powerful way to get through the challenging times in your business and life?

Kelsey Chapman is my guest today…and her book is all about finding a mentor, where to look, surprises along the way, and what she learned from each one! We’ll dive into the book and we’ll also talk about her book launch.

Did you know that the process of publishing and launching a book can be way more personal and vulnerable than any other products or resource you’ve launched before?

Kelsey Chapman discovered so much about herself she knew when launching her new book What They Taught Me. Kelsey Chapman is an author, podcaster, and personal cheerleader to women building their dream life and business. Mentorship is what pushed her to rise from scared to achieving. 

I’m thrilled to be one of the mentors she features in this book!

Kelsey describes her book launching journey as an up-leveling season that has taught her how to show up for yourself at a higher level, which she has proven she can do.

Today’s episode is a mix of behind-the-scenes of different types of launches Kelsey has done over the years AND a look into why mentors are so important!

The Book

What They Taught Me book is about mentorship. A mentor according to Kelsey, is someone beyond a coach. Sometimes you’ll start with someone as your coach, but then the relationship naturally transitions and deepens to that of a mentor. I have mentored Kelsey, which came in naturally for us because I could see and feel her greatness from a mile away.

finding a mentor

It is important not to label your mentor because some people don’t like it, even though when you’re finding a mentor, you sometimes want to shout it out! When developing a mentor-mentee relationship, it is important to allow a natural progression of your relationship from coaching to mentorship. Don’t come off too strong when developing that relationship; you don’t want to appear needy.

Sharing Her Mentorship Journey

Kelsey explains how she mapped out lessons from her mentors and put them into chapters, with each coming from a different mentor. Keep in mind that each mentor comes with a different voice and not to be everything in your life. 

If you want to make an impact, start at the dinner table!

Episode Timeline:

  • [3:43] Things Kelsey learned about herself during the process of publishing & launching a book. 
  • [13:30] Why she feels that launching a book has been more personal than launching any other resources before.
  • [15:23] Kelsey talks about her new book What They Taught Me. 
  • [23:45] Tips on how to approach a mentor without coming off too strong. 
  • [30:30] How she mapped out the most important lessons from her mentors in each chapter of her book.
  • [34:40] How to impact others by letting them know the impact they’ve had on you. 

Resources Mentioned:

What They Taught by Kelsey Chapman


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