DashOptin_LauraToday’s episode is interview LKR Social Media founder and CEO Laura Roeder.

Laura and I have been friends for several years — we worked side by side for 3 years when I was Project Manager and Director of Operations for her company before jumping into a 100% focus on my own business.

I sat down with Laura to chat with her about a brand new product she’s created called Edgar. If you haven’t met Edgar yet, you’ll want to listen up.

Little did I know it, but I’m breaking the story before anyone else! Laura gave me the exclusive first interview where she talks in depth about Edgar. I felt like Lois Lane breaking the story of Superman…yes Edgar is that good – nerdy and business changing.


 Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:edgarapp

  • What or Who is Edgar?
  • How is Edgar different from other similar software like him?
  • The first thing Laura did once you decided she decided to create it
  • How did Laura come up with the idea?
  • What Laura learned about the process of developing software and how it differs from creating online programs?

Plus we talk about what seems to be the growing trend of online entrepreneurs who are developing software, apps, and other non info-product-y products.

If you’re around on Thursday, July 17th – join Laura and the LKR team for Edgar’s launch party. RSVP right here: Click Here


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