Today’s post addresses a fear many of you may have experienced before you completely figured out how to launch your first something…

It’s a fear that comes up especially because you’re asking people to buy something from you for the very first time.

The fear of being too promotional.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve felt that fear – that people want you to just shut up already. The fear that people will hate you and your business will fail because of that.

The truth is – yes, some people will get annoyed at promotion and being sold something.

But the majority of people who have received true value, knowledge and inspiration from you won’t.

You don’t even want the first type of person on your list.

The sooner you get those sales-haters off your list, the better. You’re just running a business, right? You’re just trying to help people in some way. You just want to support your family.

Which brings me to JLO.

I love J-Lo and I’m not ashamed to say it. I have some pretty fun memories of driving around alone in Montreal one summer listening to her latest album in the car – with my own wind machine (the a/c) going and singing at the top of my lungs. I’m pretty sure I wanted to be her then…

But I thought I was over it.

And I realize I’m not. I’ll tell you why.

I was scrolling through her Instagram feed all last month…watching her gear up to the launch of her latest album. You know how much I love watching launches unfold… doesn’t matter if it’s an online course or a movie, an album launch, or unveiling a new clothing line…

When I wasn’t saying ‘dammmmn girl’ over and over again, I was noticing how unapologetic she is in promoting what she’s doing. Shameless.

So that got me to thinking. Maybe Fearless Launching is actually more like SHAMELESS launching. It’s being true to who you are, who you’re in business to serve, and leaving your fears at the door.

J-Lo’s shameless launching on Instagram alone (this is one of many channels used to promote her album launch) was so fun to watch I had to write about it…and share how inspired I was with what she does.

And not only was she doing it on her own stream – but she had thousands of fans were doing all the same on their own accounts – their own countdown art, their own hashtags, built in army of fans who want to spread the word about her upcoming launch.

Stop feeling bad about marketing yourself and your business. If you believe in what you’re putting out into the world then don’t you owe it to the world to actually put it out there?

Here are just a few ways Jennifer Lopez used Instagram to fuel her AKA album launch:

You'll recognize these steps as ones I've shared with you in the past and that you know as important in building up excitement for any launch.

1. Let people know something's coming soon 

About 1 month or so before her album went live, she posted this image with the first hashtags for the album.

2. Share your pre-launch preparation…

Hanging with her fans, sharing her excitement for the upcoming release of the first single.

3. Start sharing other people's mentions

She started sharing other site content referring to her upcoming album –MTV in this case.

4. Leak Behind the Scenes Content

Here she shares the song list from album in her handwriting. It could be the album cover or not, but it's her writing.

5. Countdown to the launch

Badges counting down to the launch date (building excitement) – retweeted from fans and some made directly with official graphics.

6. Create #hashtags galore

From the beginning of all her launch related posts, she established the hashtags. People jumped on them very quickly so they could be part of her feed. #JLOcominghome #jloaka #jlovers

7. Schedule partner events

JLO scheduled tons of guest appearances + performances — > kinda like partner webinars, eh?

8. The Preview

Clips of videos for the first single on the album (building more excitement + pre-launch content)

9. Schedule outreach + share it

Clips of her appearing at various venues, with other people, magazine pics, award shows (can you say guest posting + outreach)…notice she's the one who's sharing it too.

10. Keep Leaking 

More pics of her getting ready to launch the album…

11. Allow Your Tribe To Play Along

Fans singing along to her album or showing it in their hot little hands – > amazing social proof (like J-Lo needs it at this point!).

And, if you look a little closer on the images and videos…you’ll see that J-Lo shares her fans content…which is an amazing community builder. People are no longer just voyeurs but hopeful participants in J-Lo’s world. (social proof and building the tribe)

12. Tell the world you're open 

Of course, after all this build up, you’ll also see messages saying – available now and where!
Here are just a few images that tell people exactly what to do and where to get it.

Sure – we’re not all fortunate enough to be J-LO and have an entire PR machine making sure all these messages get out to the world, but if you break down what's happening in the lead up to the album launch, you can do it too.

Why not use some of her shameless promo skills, launch lead up, excitement building, and be okay putting yourself out to the world, over and over again.

This is how people remember you.

How you can apply the Jennifer Lopez “flaunt it + launch it” strategy:

  1. Use a channel (instagram, facebook, your blog, email, youtube) where your ideal and potential customers show up on a regular basis. If you don’t know the best channel for you to use – here’s a hint – check your google analytics.
  2. Focus on the channel that brings you the most traffic and conversions. Here’s how to find that out.
  3. Make this channel your primary way of leaking your launch–i.e. sharing what you do, what you are going to do, your process, behind the scenes, and be shameless.
  4. Pick a few (or all) of JLo’s tips from above depending on what works for you and your audience.
  5. Think about how to get your tribe involved…make them your promotional partners by inviting them to participate in some way.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you can start doing today to flaunt it just a little bit more during your next launch (or maybe the one you’re doing right now!).

P.S. If you enjoyed this launch breakdown and are curious about Fearless Launching…here's how to get in early for the fall session.