Is your business growing or failing? How do you tell?Liz_1_edited_-_twitter_4

Where do you go for answers?

I’ll tell you where -> one place that always gives you information that you may or may not want to look at is in the data – you know, the stuff you find in Google Analytics.

Today’s episode features Google Analytics and SEO expert Liz Lockard.

I met Liz way back in 2012 during one of the first rounds of Fearless Launching.

I was eager to get her on the show because I’ve been able to watch her grow from a consulting business only to scaling her business with group training programs…literally from idea to launch and then beyond.

She’s been seen all over the web (and around Philly where she’s from) — at LKR Social Media, Rise To The Top, Social Media Examiner and more… prepare yourself from some giggles…but in between we manage to cover a bunch of more serious and useful topics.

This episode is jam packed, so we better get started! Click to listen or download our chat below:

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to trick yourself to launch (and to do many other things)
  • Why a little pig makes me so happy
  • How Liz got the knack for tracking data + all that stuff that makes most people sick to their stomach
  • What Liz thinks about trying to keep your SEO tuned exactly to Google algorithm
  • The exact metrics to look to know your business is growing or at least on track
  • What’s more wayyyy more important than watching page views
  • On site and off site methods of “doing SEO” for your business website
  • The #1 mistake that new business owners are doing when they try to SEO their website

We do a lot of giggling for a chat about analytics and data…so don’t be surprised, but I can assure you that we dig in deeper on strategies and tips to get you started with both analytics and SEO.

Make sure to check out Liz’s latest webinar – happening very soon! Click here to check it out and sign up.

Connect with Liz
Google Analytics: The Missing Manual
Your SEO Roadmap
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Mentioned In This Episode

Creating Fame
Valerie Waters Red Carpet Ready Club
Rise To The Top
Google Analytics – helpful conversion reporting/tracking how to
Open Site Explorer (look up 3 sites a day per free)
The 3 Worst Ways to Measure Your SEO (and a 4th I’m guilty of doing)

Questionable “Resources”Also Mentioned…

Geocities – now Yahoo!
Friendster – now a game!


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