Today’s episode features Erin Stutland.  I worked with Erin on her first launch of the Shrink Session workout and since then theeVR5vpa6k36cJYytZ5JmnjgcZYnjmGKM5v67YWF6pR4 program has grown like crazyyyyy.

I pulled Erin into the launch lair to talk about her recent amazingness launch for Shrink Session and the free challenge that blew the roof off the launch…but what we ended up talking about was how Erin’s launched other programs, changed her business over time.

We talk fear, fun, and crushing it.  Enjoy and make sure to leae her a comment below!


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Coaching vs. teaching courses
  • Why knowing what your sweet spot and what part of people’s journey you like to be on
  • How she started coaching
  • Where Magical Manifesters started
  • What’s the difference between launching “softer” goods and ones with more tangible outcomes?
  • What she found out about her Shrink Session customers that surprised her but really shifted how she marketed the program.
  • How her free challenge – Say It Sweat It Get It Challenge helped make her launch a huge success.

Plus … Erin reveals what she almost did to face her fear and excitement when the sign ups soared to 8000 people…and what it can teach you about facing success….

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Erin Stutland

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