Getting ready to launch your course or coaching program?

Then, you might be asking yourself if you’re missing anything…

No amount of checking or re-checking your to-do list is going to give you that answer (I know…I’ve been there). So, today we’re going to cover 4 things you can consider to go into your next launch confident that you’re prepared and truly ready for what’s ahead!

Even though I’ve talked about this question a few times on the podcast, today you’ll hear a new raw perspective on the question and how to answer it no matter when it comes up!

So, if you want to make sure, whether you’re days or months from launch day, keep listening!

Today’s episode is the first in a 4 part series that presents new questions to help you know for sure what ELSE you should do as you prep for your course launch. As you’re listening, make sure you ask yourself any questions that come up. It’s the quality of those questions that will give you your answer, not necessarily that you’ve checked all the boxes, but that you’re confident your offer is right for your audience.

Questions will lead you to clarity, so get used to asking new ones every single day. Here’s a great article on the Female Entrepreneur Association website to get you started!

Here is a past episode about the questions you need to ask yourself to prepare for your next launch. These are great for someone who’s only starting planning your launch but maybe you haven’t done a lot of work yet!

I’ve also included some past episodes and other resources below.

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