3 Questions To Ask Before You Set Your Launch Dates

You’ve got a course, a coaching program, maybe a waitlist for both, you’ve been working day/night to create the content, to connect…and you’ve got no clue how to set your launch dates.

When will you actually be ready?

All you know is that you want to launch it — soon.

So, you give yourself a pop quiz.

“Am I ready to launch?”

Sometimes it’s hard to answer this, right?

There are so many pieces to juggle, create and do before you launch anything!

What if you had a simple way to know FOR SURE that it was time to put those launch dates in your planner–ones you’d feel confident you could deliver on?

Well, today’s episode shares 3 simple specific questions to ask right now.

If you ARE working to get ready for a launch, today’s episode will give you the clarity you need.

In this week’s episode, you’ll want to block off 15 minutes, grab a notebook, pen, and coffee…and go somewhere quiet…because today I’ll guide you through these 3 questions.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

All right, so are you ready?

No matter which answer you come up with, you’ll have everything you need to get yourself ready and then finally be able to answer the question with confidence.

Make sure to leave a comment below and TELL ME if you’re ready to launch!

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3 Questions To Ask Before You Set Your Launch Dates