why in person works: How To Build Your Audience One Person At A Time

Does this sound familiar?

If you’re an online entrepreneur, you’re likely thinking about growing your email list, getting more traffic, building your platform, finding the right social media strategy…

And all of these have one thing in common.

You’re just looking to reach and connect with more real people.

It’s so easy to forget that last part – the real people.

And in our quest for automation, we even forget that there’s a more direct, often more powerful way to “engage” and “interact” with our ideal customers and potential partners.


Today’s guest is a short and documentary filmmaker who is building her audience and community by going back these basics…

So, if you’re struggling to build your audience or automate all the things…how about you take a break from that and get a much needed reminder (like I did) of how important it is to BE with your peeps.

In today’s episode, we talk with Alexia Anastasio – a Los Angeles based filmmaker, creative, workshop leader, mad scientist, networking maniac.

We discuss:

And more.

I think you’ll love this conversation as a straight up reminder of how lost we get in adding to our numbers of – followers, fans, subscribers.

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A Challenge For You

Let us know how you will take inspiration from Alexia this week and make a few hours out of your week to connect with real humans — in person or face to face?

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