Get More Clients
It doesn’t surprise me…

No matter what your business is, you likely want to reach more people and bring in more revenue… maybe you want more clients, or a better launch, or a more streamlined business. We all want some form of this.

But here’s the thing…

You know all those things we learn and promptly ignore about business, when we’re getting started?

Like being specific, talking to one person, giving yourself time, understanding who your audience is, and creating what they want?

They work and today’s guest has learned all of this and so much more of the past few years AND she’s willing to share the journey with us today!

Meghan of (she’s building a new venture right now) was someone I’ve had the honor to work with over the past year inside one of my programs The Message Lab

I begged her to come on the podcast for a few reasons…The most important being that she’s got some solid advice on how to make your website speak loud and clear for you…Plus, she’s willing to share her own story and exactly what she’s done to make her own website do its job much better – and help her reach more of the right people and get more clients without doing tons of clarity sessions or consulting calls.

So, if you’re focusing on getting more people to your site, sign up for your mailing list or buy more products or work with you – you’ll definitely want to tune in today!

So, when Meghan applied to be one of my very first beta members…I was excited. I’d actually seen her work already and was excited to help her in any way I could.

Here’s what we talked about in this episode:

    • What she did to her website once she discovered she wasn’t getting clients as fast as she wanted to
    • How she’s taken those changes and not only helped get more clients but is now able to help more people at a time doing the same thing
    • Results from a launch where she gave herself the time instead of rushing it
    • The launch strategies she used to make sure her audience was completely prepared and ready to join her when she opened the doors
    • Why people are craving intimate group coaching experiences over DIY programs

Plus, she wanted to share some 4 things that we can do right now to improve our websites…

July is the month of beaches and bbq’s and you’re doing this cool series of training to help people improve, move forward, or just create their websites this summer.

Checklist: 4 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Website

    • Invest in quality photos – and if you can’t make them yourself, choose a stock photo site like Stocksy – that has more unique images.
    • Choose Fonts that are readable and clean
    • Add more white space around the content
    • Line of text spanning whole page – 650px
  • Be as specific as you can in your content – When you stay generic – you don’t grow. Even if you’re a small biz, you can grow their bottom line and be more attractive to the ideal customers.

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As always, thank you so much for listening and following along on my journey…

Now It’s Your Turn

Leave a comment below with your biggest takeaway from today’s episode PLUS what you’re going to do with that takeaway!

See you next week!