Am I the only one thinking about the way I work with people?

Perhaps I’m the only one overthinking it, but I do like breaking down what happen naturally with my clients, in my classes, and even on impromptu calls with my mastermind buddies…and asking — is there a pattern here?

Are we going through the same thing every week?

Could we add an easy to explain framework to our products and service that will actually make it easier to sell, teach and help our customers get results??

Will creating a framework for a product or service help us differentiate ourselves–especially in a crowded online space?

I think so.

But before we get into that I want to share with what prompted this episode. So I get obsessed sometimes…about random things– filofax, tv shows, coffee, working out…I love it when I find something I love and then I literally jump in the deep end.

So, probably 6 months ago – maybe longer even – I discovered a show called The Profit on CNBC which follows host Marcus Lemonis as he helped struggling business owners turn their businesses around. I found the show by accident and it immediately took over the top spot above Shark Tank and Undercover Boss… notice a theme there?

We’re talking about why defining frameworks in your business is so important — to you and your customers.

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Now, of course, I love watching and learning how businesses grow, but after watching several episodes of this show, I realized why I was learning so much. He was using a framework and repeating it to me every single time. People. Process. Product.

Here’s what we cover today:

  • 4 questions you can ask yourself to discover your own framework
  • Why a framework could be just what your business/product needs
  • Examples of online business owners and educators who are using powerful and simple frameworks to market, teach, and convert people into customers
  • Template frameworks that will inspire you to create your own

2 Stand Out Examples Who Use Frameworks

John Lee Dumas – Podcasters Paradise has a webinar called the Podcast Webinar where he shows you how to Create-Grow-Monetize your podcast. Done. This simple framework makes it beyond easy to tell you where you are in the process of creating a successful podcast. What’s even better is that framework stands firm inside his community Podcaster’s Paradise…where the content inside the member’s area is broken up into these 3 pieces.

Amy Porterfield is another person who uses frameworks in her webinars and then carries it through into her programs. She’s used her Attract – Promote – Sell framework in her webinar and then when you opened the program – it followed the same outline.

Now this isn’t to say that frameworks have it all or say everything about a business, topic or process, but they do provide important guideposts for you to create the content and for your students and clients to learn/benefit and grow.

A framework is repeatable, memorable.

A framework is the best practice, the standard.

I absolutely love this article on BY NICK HEDGES President and CEO, Velocify@Nick_Hedges

When I mentor people, this is where I start. I believe singling out your most important goal provides a framework from which to hang every other decision. Try it. Think hard about what that goal is for you, write it down and then for every other decision you make, ask yourself whether your choice advances you towards that goal or not.

Two frameworks worth checking out if you want to see how it can literally start a revolution…

The Lean Startup:

Business Model Canvas:

The beauty of these is watching how many people have done their own versions of these … and are still branching off! If you’d like to know more about these and how you can apply them, let me know!

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