Creative Entrepreneurs need systems

If you’re a creative entrepreneur or artist, today’s episode is for you!

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, overworked, no time to create art, or do that thing you’re passionate about – it could be as simple as creating a few key systems in your business.

Now on the surface, the word systems might make your eyes glaze over. Systems definitely don’t immediately bring to mind creativity or flow…

But this week, my guest shares how she’s gained more time in her studio, painting, creating jewelry, coming up with new ideas… and it’s all because she found ways to create systems in her business.

Not a ton…just a few key ones that get the busy work of business off her plate quickly.

So, if whether you’d like more time in the studio creating art — or maybe even just more time to yourself doing another activity, today’s episode is for you…

Kerstin Pressler is a creative entrepreneur in every sense of the word. She’s a painter and jewelry designer and she also runs a thriving online business where she hosts a podcast, supports other creatives in her academy and teaches them how to juggle all the pieces without being a starving artist!

Kerstin is also an alum of Fearless Launching and one of my newest coaching programs, The Message Lab.

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • What led her to the realization that she needed more systems
  • How she structures her time and manages her projects
  • The tools she uses to manage her business and also brainstorm creative projects
  • Kerstin’s go-to all-in-one tool that keeps getting better the more she uses it to stay organized – and recommends it to other creative entrepreneurs just like her!
  • Why she’s now able to have plenty of time in her studio and what she’s creating
  • The reason systems can set any artist and all creative entrepreneurs free – and get you out of starving artist mode.

Since this month was all about awareness as a theme for me, I wanted to wrap things up by looking at how I work. Kerstin has taught me a ton from her about productivity and really optimizing your energy.

And while on the surface you wouldn’t think an artist craves structure – it’s exactly what gives her the freedom to pursue more creative projects and feel like she’s working less.

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