Growing A Creative BusinessHow do you grow a creative business?

Is it enough to just get clear on who you’re serving and what those people need? Or does it require some additional ingredients?

Yes AND Yes.

If you consider yourself a creative business owner, you need to have that vision and you also need to have the plan.

My guest today is someone who can help you create both…and has done so for herself and her multiple businesses.

Today’s bonus episode is a recent conversation with my long-time friend and business buddy Amber McCue. Now, this is another one of those fly on the wall style conversations that I love to share with you. Amber and I catch up about the past few years and then get into the meat of today’s topic which is all about being RIGHT ON TIME.

Here are some highlights from our convo:

  • Her long-running yearly virtual event called the Planathon (which kicks off Monday!)
  • Exactly how she maintains two successful businesses and what they are…
  • Some new things she’s creating as a result of her life in Ethiopia.
  • Why “Right On Time” has become her new mantra (even though she’s been telling her clients this for years)
  • And we also nerd out about planning and how it actually activates the creative thinking part of your mind!

If you want to check out the Planathon that starts MONDAY, October 28th…make sure to go to

If you want to learn more about any of the topics we discussed today, make sure to go explore over at