Hiring a team that supports your vision is a gift.

Some of us turn to Google for ideas on creating a strong team. We tend to copy what other gurus do instead of using our intuition.

Today, our guest will share her story on how she used intuition to hire a team from scratch and how we can do it too.

Her story of starting, building, growing, and then selling her first business by the age of 23 is such a testament to what is possible when we trust ourselves…no matter where we are in life.

A few details about Jenna Irvin, owner of Pure Barre Hilton Head and writer at Jenna Standing Tall….

  • She opened and grew two businesses to the multi-six figure mark by the age of 23.

  • She opened the doors to her first studio at just 21, selling it for double the investment after just 10 months.

  • She learned that hard way that hiring a team from scratch isn’t about following a checklist…that your intuition has to be the leader if you want to build a team you can trust to support your vision.

  • She trudged through the muddy waters of how relationships shift when you are walking a path not many understand at an age when you are expected to be carefree and having fun. Relationships shift, and Jenna’s relationship with the masculine had to expand into a new space.  

Here’s what we discuss in today’s episode:

  • Jenna’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Why Jenna fell in love with Pure Barre
  • How she opened a studio in a new city BEFORE graduating college
  • How she sold one Pure Barre studio and then acquired another one
  • Building a high-performing corporate team
  • Jenna’s first team hiring wakeup call and the magic breakthrough to learning how to hire “better”
  • Jenna’s entry into business coaching
  • Jenna’s marketing strategy for her Pure Barre studio

Key Milestones of the Episode:

(00:45): Introducing Jenna: a brief history of her business

(03:38): Jenna’s entrepreneurial journey

(09:46): The process of selling and acquiring a new business

(17:46):  Challenges in building the first corporate team

(21:12): The wakeup call she experienced while hiring a team for the first time and magic breakthrough

(27:09): Starting business coaching services

(32:20): Jenna’s marketing strategy

Quotables from today’s episode:

“When you go through a process, and you fail so loudly, it’s almost like you don’t even want to try again.”

“You have to open yourself to the experience of allowing your team to grow so that your business can reach heights that you are never going to be able to reach with just you.”

“They’re the heartbeat of your business. That heartbeat can have talents or whatever. But, if that heartbeat isn’t showing up and they aren’t making your clients feel welcome, and they’re not meshing together in an environment that gets them excited and fired up to show up and be there, it’s never going to go anywhere.”

“If you’re going to go into something new, you need to hear from like the worst side of things and the best side of things.”

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