improve your online launch strategy

Want to know the best launch strategy for 2020?

It’s actually the anti-strategy…it’s going back to some pretty fundamental concepts, ideas, actions, and reminders that you probably don’t think about often (especially if you’ve been in business for awhile).

If you’re constantly chasing all the tactics and so-called launch strategies aimed to get you making more on autopilot or with zero hustle…but you STILL don’t feel like you’re reaching any of your goals, then I’m glad you’re here today.

I made something for you.

I’ve created a short series of special off-the-cuff episodes to walk you through some of the top principles you need to know…

As many of you know, I’ve experienced some things that have just kind of stopped me in my tracks personally in my personal life and I didn’t want to get too far into 2020 without connecting with you. 

But here’s the thing, these 6 episodes are going to be timeless. You’ll want to revisit them whenever you need to get back on track, screw your head on straight or get talked off the ledge…

Each of these principles will ALSO come in handy when you’ve tried a launch strategy that you’ve decided “doesn’t work for you.” 

So in this multi-part series we’re gonna keep it super simple and talk about the 6 things you need to remember, understand, and completely embrace as you start planning your launch, doing the work of putting together all the pieces, and even after you open the doors of your launch.

Each day I’ll post a new episode right below this and then you’ll be able to find all 6 episodes right here!

#1 The Power of Consistency

Get ready to see exactly why no matter what people are saying, you have to define consistency in all areas of your business.

#2 What To Do With All Those New Ideas?

If you’ve been blessed/cursed with new ideas that keep making your launches nearly impossible to pull off, you’re going to love my simple mantra that will give you something to do with those ideas AND allow you to stay on track to your launch day!

#3 How Does Your Audience Define You?

If you’re starting to get known as someone who does a “thing,” you might feel uncomfortable, like…is that all I am? But here’s what to know about how your audience sees you!

#4 Your Launch Is A System

If you’re ready to feel less overwhelm, have your business be able to handle ANY launch strategy you choose, know which ones have worked best for your business, then thinking about your launch like a system is your very first step.

#5 Why It’s Critical To Invest In Support

There’s a reason why so many people are paying for coaches and masterminds and launch strategy experts…And today, we’re talking about that. If you’re trying to get support from your IRL friends/family as you face challenges growing  your business, putting together a launch, you may still feel alone. 

If you’re tired of feeling not supported, not understand…today’s episode is for you.

#6 My Simple Launch Strategy For Keeping Your Launch…Simple

One of the best decisions you can make when planning your launch, mapping out all the pieces of your launch schedule, is making a committment to keeping the process simple. 

If you’ve listened to all of the above episodes, then you’ll see the thread throughout all of the ways to approach your launch strategy by keeping things simple, getting rid of complexity at all levels.

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