create a content series

One of the easiest ways to lead up to your launch, build anticipation and give people a taste of what you’re selling before your launch is to create a content series.

You’ve likely seen them as a video series just before someone opens the doors of their online course or maybe a blog multi-part series.

But – you don’t have to just use a series just for when you launch.

I didn’t.

A few weeks ago I released “6 Ways To Improve Your Online Launches in 2020.” Each day for 6 days, I released a new short, off the cuff style episode.¬†

Today, I’m going to tell you the 6 reasons I’m already putting together my next one!

Take a listen…and then stay tuned!

Today’s episode we dive into:

  • Why I created this short and sweet content series for the podcast
  • What happened as a result of posting every single day for 6 days
  • How I plan to do it again – this time with using a challenge-style content series
  • Why I think you should try a series (hint: it’s all about your audience)

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