Are you interested in taking your side-hustle full-time? 

Back when I first dove into the online business world, I wasn’t sure to be totally honest. I secured a job with Laura Roeder…because she had a business I could honestly see myself running

I learned everything I could and finally took the leap…after two years of trying to manage own course launches of my signature program, Fearless Launching, I knew I owed it to myself to try. 

If you want to hear that full story, make sure to dig into the podcast archives and listen to the episode where I share the whole story right here!

Todayyy I’m talking to Dr. Cortney Baker, someone who helps women do exactly that…turn their side-hustle into actual businesses. 

Cortney has a LOT going for her…She’s a business growth strategist, she’s been named Texas Businesswoman of the Year. She’s also a CEO and founder of multimillion-dollar company Kids Care Home Health. She’s the creator of the from Side Hustle To CEO Academy.

Cortney shares with us some essential tips to help us transition to a full-time business owner. Listen in, learn, and get motivated.

Highlights From The Episode:

[04:07] Getting to know Dr. Cortney and how she got started

[07:22] Cortney’s dissertation research

[10:29] Four main challenges that women go through in the corporate world

[12:12] Cortney’s book: Unlimited: Conquering the Myth of the Glass Ceiling

[15:47] Things to know before taking a side-hustle full-time and leaving your job

[20:29] Why knowing your tribe is an essential part of the process

[24:22] Cortney’s advice on the most straight-forward business to start

[26:14] Simple guidelines for people quitting their full-time jobs

Key Quotes from the Episode

“…you have to leave walking out as a CEO, as I’m a CEO, and I’m going to behave and hold myself to a higher standard than that because they may be a referral partner.”

“Whatever the plan is, as long as you make one and you get other people to help you with it, then you’re setting yourself up for success.”

“Getting other people on board, having them feel like they’re part of the business. That is the way you build confidence and trust in what you’re doing.”

“If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

“What can you do to solve a problem that really just pisses you off and be part of the solution?”

How To Get Help Turning Your Side-Hustle Into Your Business:

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