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Ever thought about starting a YouTube channel? If so, listen up today.

YouTube channels are great ways to build communities, build your audience, sell more of your products, reach more of your ideal customers, and share your expertise on an ever-expanding, highly shareable platform. 

Today’s guest has a tarot, astrology, and lifestyle channel called Minnow Pond. I discovered Chris Reck as I became part of his community…and watching his Tarot readings every single month.

And of course…I got curious. 

Because he wasn’t the only tarot reader on YouTube. In fact, this year it seems like a bazillion readers have shown up online.

So I started digging. How did this whole Minnowpond thing start? What else was Chris doing in the world? How do tarot readers make money with Youtube as their primary publishing platform? 

I found some interesting things about Chris which I can’t wait for him to share with you, have watched his community grow, am really curious for him to share what ELSE he’s up to in the world…and I think you’re going to just love getting to know him.

This is a perfect episode for anyone who – 

  • Has ever thought of starting a completely new biz
  • Loves tarot, astrology, or has passions of any kind that aren’t sure how to make them into a business
  • Wants to build their own community – but again aren’t sure how to do that
  • Or, someone who currently has a Youtube channel they want to grow and need to know how long it’s going to take

Here’s what we cover in this episode all about creating a YouTube channel:

  • How (and why) Chris learned to read tarot in the first place
  • Why Chris started a YouTube channel and his exact steps to make it happen
  • What he does on a regular basis to ensure that he stays connected with his community
  • Plans for the future of his brand Minnowpond
  • His other businesses that made me enjoy our conversation even more!

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