Since I’ve spent the last few weeks talking about launches, how to launch alone, why launches aren’t working… Ithetarotlady_post decided to switch things up and feature one of the stand out students in Fearless Launching. She is such a great example of what it takes to run a successful business and build an empire one launch at a time.

Theresa Reed is also known to many as The Tarot Lady…I just know her as a seriously bad ass entrepreneur…And to me this is a huge eye opener.  You wouldn’t think that someone who reads tarot cards for a living is such a shrewd business woman.

But she is.

Theresa joined Fearless Launching back in the early days and to be totally honest, I had no idea what I could possibly teach her.

Theresa is what I call a serial launcher, but she launches in a smart well thought out way.

She’s launched everything from live events to ecourses to group training…and earlier this year I was on her business focused monthly radio show Talking Shop which she does with Bri Saussy….and she provides a much needed service to other tarot professionals and other spiritually minded and aligned entrepreneurs.

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In this packed 30 minutes you’ll learn:

  • What Theresa does at the core of her business and how that’s shifted over the past few years.
  • How she launched her first training courses after running a successful Tarot business for years.
  • The moment she knew she was ready to launch.
  • Her exact preparation strategy for every launch. (Secret sauce alert!)
  • The one she learned from Fearless Launching that never occurred to her to do but makes so much sense!
  • Theresa reveals her favorite favorite thing to launch and share and teach…
  • She talks about how she determines launch dates… the key is ease and avoiding mercury in retrograde.

And as a special treat…(you gotta stick around till the end) Theresa reveals some months coming up that are super hot months and good for most anyone to launch.

I highly recommend checking Theresa out…no matter if you’re looking to grow your own tarot business or you just want to know the best times to launch!

Also – if you’re looking to hear more about how to learn to launch the way Theresa (and others in Fearless Launching) do it…check out our latest enrollment for the program here.

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The Daily Whip w/ Erika Lyremark – several golden nugget phrases that we just can’t let go!

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