Last week we talked about using your intuition and some non-business-y tactics to guide your business…this week we're jumping into the power of building community with a true Fearless Launcher, Racheal Cook.

When you're first starting your business, you may not put building community on your to do list. Not because it's not important but because it seems like a side effect of a growing, thriving business…not a path to get there.

Well, a few weeks ago – I got this email from Racheal Cook, friend, past client, and amazing entrepreneur…in the midst of her Fired Up & Focused Challenge.

Here’s what Racheal shared:

Just wanted to reach out to let you know the results of the Fired Up + Focused Challenge that you helped me map out early this year. Basically… it's been the most awesome thing ever!

Since launching the challenge –

  • Email list has DOUBLED {all organically with only a few emails to my own list to kick it off and NO Facebook ads}
  • Converted 4.5% Challengers into PAID CLIENTS {previous launch strategy of 3-part video series converted less than 1.5%}
  • January 2014 was the best month EVER – over $75K! – between sold out CBD + mentorship clients

By the time I close out 2014, this challenge alone will have 3x my biz over last year.

I knew I had to bring Racheal back because I’ve worked with her a few different times for different reasons…once after becoming a new mom and then awhile later when she was ready to shake things up.

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Here’s what we talked about today:

  • Racheal shares her previous launch strategy – and why she decided to change it
  • How long it took her to realize she wanted to improve sales and conversion
  • How we worked together and came up with the idea of the Fired Up and Focused Challenge
  • The shift she made and the exact results it has brought to her business and launches
  • What you need to know about testing, playing around, and changing things up in your business

Plus – she sums it all up to the biggest reason she’s had so much success this year (and it’s something you can start doing way before you launch)

Want to hear more about changing your launch perspective for the better? Improving sales?

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