Question…do you know how your ideal customers are for the product or course or service you want to launch?

If you don’t know that question, that’s where you start as you develop your product, create an offer, and eventually launch it to the world.

But it’s not the only step you need to take…getting to know your ideal customer comes in layers, especially if you want to turn those ideal customers into actual buyers.

I know who my Ideal Customer is NOW WHAT? 

ideal customersSo if you’re ready to go beyond just defining your ideal customer and the critical (but simple) next steps you should take, keep listening.

In today’s episode, here’s what we’re covering:

  • Why knowing your ICA is only the beginning and is a never-ending puzzle
  • The reason you still have to talk to real people, even if your Ideal Customer is someone like you
  • 3 things you need to start doing once you define who your ICA is
  • Why organic connection is required even when you’re running ads and selling an evergreen/automated funnel
  • What strategies worked 8 years ago and still do today
  • The single most important way to take the next step with your ideal customer…when you do this, you’re setting yourself up for a successful launch

Now, I dive into this with each person inside my programs–and the best way is to process it verbally with someone you trust…

The Launch Incubator is the way to get my eyes on your ICA, so we can devise a plan to do all of these things (before you launch).

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Mentioned in today’s episode:

The Launch Incubator – applications open soon

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