If I asked you — do you do customer research or target market research, what would you say?

Would you tell me you send out a survey every year? Maybe you have an autoresponder question? Or – no, you generally just ask people on Facebook? Or…maybe you haven’t asked anyone at all.

Here’s what I know…

The people who share the stories of their audience, past customers, current customers like they are relatives or dear friends…well, they know their peeps. They’ve done the customer and target audience research.

And…they are more prepared to serve their audiences, share the right content, create the right products, and make time to continue doing the research as a regular part of doing all of the above.

So if I asked you to share the story (generally of course) of your audience, could you do the same?

Don’t worry – I won’t put you on the spot or send you a text to answer me now…but lately, I’ve been asking myself this question.

That’s why today’s episode dives into more than just gathering information about your “target market” or your ideal customer. We’ll also talk about how to understand and use the information!


First of all – you aren’t alone.

This is the one system I’m focusing on RIGHT NOW because I’ve realized…typically, I’m great at listening, watching, learning who people are, and connecting with them…but the truth is I’m not doing as much as could with the information.

I’ve talked about this topic before over here and here if you’re just getting started and want to know about why understanding your audience is a non-negotiable if you want to succeed in business.

That’s all started to change and I’d like you to join me and improve your own approach to understanding your audience.

#1 Why surveys and gathering information is important:

  • Helps you understand what to launch
  • Who your audience is and what they need/want
  • What your audience thinks they need vs. what they really need
  • Content creation
  • Solve problems right out of the gate

#2 Customer Info Gathering I do on a regular basis:

  • Autoresponder
  • Customer research skype calls
  • Pre-program survey to all customers
  • Post-launch survey to all subscribers
  • Post-program survey to all customers
  • Application for free coaching sessions
  • Ask questions at the end of emails/all content

#3 What makes this gathering/reviewing process so important:

  • Understanding is good but worthless unless you’re going to do something with the information
  • Information you gathered 2 years ago may be null and void, changes, evolves… so you can go back but you should always keep your “survey” current
  • response time is key
    • for instance, you’d want to read your results for post-launch survey while you’re evaluating the success of your launch
    • you’d want to review the results of your ongoing autoresponder monthly and also look at google analytics to see where you might see trends and proof of what people “tell” – often they will tell you what they think you want to hear.
    • you’d want to review your post-course survey int he week or so after the course to see what they still need help with AND what to improve for next time!
  • you’ll decrease the amount of time you’ll need to “research” your potential customers before your launch because you’ll be doing it on a regular basis… You’ll be able to execute launches more quickly!

#4 The simple customer research gathering resources I’m using:

I’ve created a checklist/printable that you can use to track your own info gathering system.

It’ll help you establish a clear system for listening and understanding your audience.

  • How and where you gather information
  • How often to schedule into your calendar when to review each place and type of information
  • Insights and discoveries you make as a result that can be applied to your products or services or upcoming launches

Click here to grab the spreadsheet now (no opt-in). 


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