choosing the right tools to run your businessLet’s talk about how to choose the right tools to run your business and we’re going to focus on the principles that will help you make any technology decision in the future.

Warning – this isn’t a “who does what better”… or “you shouldn’t switch tools” or a “tools don’t make the launch” post…

Over the life of my business and I’m sure your’s as well, you’ll come across a lot of different solutions to help you do your work better, faster, easier…and ones that will cost you less money, more money…

My take on tools is simple…

Too much overlap, tools that duplicate the same work, tools that cost too much or are unnecessary… and over time we become tool hoarders. It’s natural that we want to try things out.

Here are my 7 Top Tips For Choosing The Right Tools To Run Your Business

#1. Be okay that you’ll change tools over time, but that doesn’t mean you want to be switching. In the past I’ve expressed one of the main things I try to convince clients to do is NOT SWITCH systems or tools before or during the launch unless they stop working or start messing with your ability to deliver on your launch promises.

#2. Pick tools that integrate with all the necessary tools. Nothing I hate worse than looking and finding a tool only to realize I need Zapier to connect them. Sorry – not interested. I want tools that work well with each other…out of the box. If they don’t, I don’t go there…

#3. Pick tools that cut out duplicated processes. You don’t need 2 different optin-box, subscriber box plugins… You don’t need 2 shopping cart tools. Sometimes we inadvertently bring in tools that do the same thing… and we don’t realize it. For example: Sam Cart, Convert Kit, does this/that, Coschedule does this, Meet Edgar does that.

#4. Pick tools with the end in mind. Ask yourself what’s important for your business?

#5. Sometimes you have to invest...if that makes you nervous, review everything that a tool does to see if you can cut out old tools that aren’t doing the job well… I’ve often switched off some platforms in order to make room budget wise for the newer thing that does the job better – my spending increases only a bit and I get a better product.

#6. Always lay out the pros and cons of the products/possible duplication/ways to cut back in a spreadsheet

#7. Just because it’s a deal and everyone’s using it, does not mean you need it. You only need a few specific systems at all times in your biz and once you get started implementing those things you’ll be on your way to simplifying your launches and making them more profitable and predictable.

right tools to run your business

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