Still haven’t planned out Q1 yet?

Didn’t attend a planning session or brainstorm or buy a planner or anything in November or December?

That’s okay – you’re not behind and you can still make a plan for an amazing quarter…even if it’s already started.

In fact, instead of trying to catch up and plan the entire year, how about looking at the next 90 days only.

This is a great exercise you can do anytime you feel like you’ve been effective, working on the right things, or feel scattered.

Drop the worry that you’re somehow behind, that you’ve lost time, that you’ll never make it up now. Because everyday is a chance to start!

Here are 5 tips to making your plan and getting it going fast…

Grab your notebook and let’s do this:

#1 Forget the fancy planner, the sexy new app, or WHATEVER…

Just grab your notebook and be done with it! Use whatever calendar’s on your computer (google calendar, apple calendar, outlook)

Check out the bullet journal method of planning – no fancy anything required.

#2 Pick 1 thing to promote each month this quarter

This means – pick one thing to sell that you’ve created or that is YOUR product. It can be a new thing, a relaunch or something you’ve already got created! Look

#3 Pick 1 list building activity each month

Choose a marketing and list building activity that leads directly to what you’ve chosen to sell for the month. That might include:

    1. Blog/podcast series?
    2. Content upgrades
    3. Main lead magnet? Launch toolkit
    4. A challenge? Link to challenge post

#4 Pick 1 product/service to promote of SOMEONE ELSE’S

I love supporting other entrepreneurs so this doesn’t mean selling someone else’s thing, it means supporting and spreading the word. Spread the goodwill! Some ideas include:

    1. An affiliate offer (one where you get a commission)
    2. A tool you use regularly
    3. Promote a biz bestie’s launch

#5 Pick 1 system you can focus on improving for the quarter

Instead of trying to fix everything in your business at one time, pick one piece of your business each quarter, make a list of all the things that would improve your system and spend 3 months making it better! Some systems that you might tackle:

    1. Improve your podcast creation system
    2. Improve your process of doing videos
    3. Hiring process
    4. How you gathering information about your audience

If you’re looking for a system to improve for the first quarter, you can start with the systems that you’ll need set up for your launch right here in the Launch Systems Cheatsheet.

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