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Building a customer avatar is an important step that every entrepreneur should go through. I know that many people don’t believe it’s necessary… but it’s such a great place to start if you have never put yourself in another person’s shoes.

Many entrepreneurs avoid since it’s not a cake party. It’s time-consuming, and it calls for a lot of research. 

Finding your ideal client is essential because it helps you serve the people you serve to your best. Something people don’t talk about is that your customer avatar continues to evolve over time…so if you’re hoping to reach a group of people, you need to have to keep growing and changing with them.

Do you have a service/ product that you are about launch? Have you carried out a beta test?

If so…or if you’d like to, today’s episode will help you look at the whole customer avatar exercise in a completely different way (and how it’s used in a market we don’t often talk about on this show)!

In our episode today, we are honored to have Susan Goebel tell us all that we need to know on how to build a customer avatar. Susan works with Bioscience Experts helping them gain clarity on how to bring their vision to reality.

If you are wondering how you should go about identifying your ideal clients, this episode is for you. Susan breaks it down into simple, actionable steps. Listen in………

Episode Highlights:

  • Susan’s entrepreneurship journey
  • How to build a customer avatar no matter what industry you’re in
  • How to conduct a beta test and why it’s not something you have to do just once
  • The challenge of a longer production cycle and keeping your finger on the pulse of your ideal customer

Quotes To Remember From This Episode:

“Before you get into a specific niche, make sure that somebody with a wallet is willing to pay for whatever that concept is.”

“If you can get one customer, then there’s a lot you can learn about why that person purchased and how to get more of that same person and similar people to actually do the same thing.”

“When you involve your ideal customer or your potential customer in the whole development process. It just makes them feel like they, they have ownership of it.”

“Reflection time is very important.”

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