Getting your legal stuff in order is neither fun nor sexy, but is essential and part of the process you need to protect your business.

But do you really need to protect your business even if you’re just starting out?

Many entrepreneurs tend to get legal stuff in order when things are about to go wrong or only when things have already gone wrong…and risk it being too late to fix anything!

Our guest today is here to help us understand what legal stuff we should have for our businesses and what the best time to have them in place is. We are excited to speak to have Annette Stepanian, a lawyer for creatives and entrepreneurs. Her works ranges from contract drafting, trademark registration to consulting and business strategy.

I can’t wait for you to hear her no nonsense way to protect your business, even if you’re just starting.

According to Annette, it is advisable to have your legal stuff in place when starting your business. It ensures your business is well protected. For instance, can you imagine creating some content then someone comes and steals it? Would you like that?

Episode Highlights:

  • Annette’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Legal stuff needed in a business
  • How to market without inflicting fear

[bctt tweet=”“Copying and pasting from samples they find on the Internet robs you the opportunity to really take ownership of your business and to architect it.” shared by this week’s guest on the Fearless Launching Show!” username=”annesamoilov”]

Resources To Help Protect Your Business

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