How to Use Virtual Events as Your Launch Strategy

Today we’re talking about how to use virtual events. They are one of the best ways to kick off any type of course launch. Why are they so great? Well, virtual events give your audience a set period of time with you (hopefully live) to get to know you, experience how you teach, and hopefully come out on the other […]


How To Use Verbal Processing To Have A Better Launch

Did you know that verbal processing is my top way of staying on track during my launches? So, what exactly do I mean by verbal processing? Verbal processing is really just talking through your problem, what you’re doing, and where you need help.   Want to know why it's so powerful and how do I do it? Today’s short episode walks […]


How To Create A Successful Launch System

Do you have a successful launch system? You know something you can improve and repeat over and over again? If you're not sure, today's episode covers 5 keys to creating this system. Every launch is a system of pieces and moving parts that help you deliver an experience to your audience. Just like any other system you'd create in your […]