Today we’re talking about how to use virtual events. They are one of the best ways to kick off any type of course launch.

Why are they so great? Well, virtual events give your audience a set period of time with you (hopefully live) to get to know you, experience how you teach, and hopefully come out on the other side accomplishing something.  

Since they’ve been used FOREVER…in so many different industries—they are perfect no matter what your business is, if you’ve got a course, a physical product, or a service.

Today’s episode covers:

  1. How to choose the length of your virtual event
  2. Different kinds of paid and free events 
  3. Topic and how to structure your virtual event
  4. Variations on the 30 day challenge which has been around forever
  5. Other ways to give “samples” of your product, service, or work

What's the best duration for virtual events?

Here's the deal–it's all your choice. You can choose what ever length you want for your virtual event. There's no right and no wrong. There are 30 day challenges, 5 day summits, 5 day challenges, 2 day challenges, 2 day virtual events. It’s completely up to you. 

But here’s what to remember – the more days you do your event, the more of the following you’ll need:

  • More and prolonged visibility to invite people to your virtual event
  • Consistent promotion of the event
  • Consistent and strong energy for your attendees 
  • Graphics, content, etc to keep people engaged
  • A clear beginning and end and stuff to do in between for you, your attendees, etc.

Choose your virtual event length on your energy, your ideal customer’s attention span and interest in the event, and your ability to sustain the visibility for the event.

Should my event be paid or free of charge?

Many people believe if you’re going to do a challenge or summit that it has to be free, but nope! You can charge for it just like a mini-course… You can have a free level to your event and a VIP option. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, so experiment. Start with a free event or challenge then once you’ve figured out and created all the pieces, then add a VIP tier the next time you run the virtual event.

How do I know what topics to choose for my event?

There are so many options for topics. I talk about some of these in the episode, so make sure you listen to that, but here’s a list to get you started—get creative and ask yourself, why is someone signing up for this event and what are they are hoping to achieve.

Here are some topic ideas:

  • overview of what's covered in your course or coaching program
  • the biggest questions you get from people who want to work with you
  • one topic that people tend to need more help with than anything else, the thing that stops them from joining or taking action
  • teach them a skill that will help them believe in themselves
  • experts who cover the above
  • one outcome they need to be successful (it can even be part of your
  • trial week where they get a curated taste of working with you or one thing pulled from what you're going to launch

I could keep going on but what I want you to do is start thinking yourself – come up with some different things that would either help someone take the next step, solve something they've been dying to solve, inspire them to finally make a commitment… and then I'd love to hear from you!

Other Ingredients for a Successful Events

Whether you’re hosting a free 5 day challenge, a 2-day paid event, or something completely different, you need a few magical ingredients that only you can figure out!




Understanding attention span.

People are easily distracted, so it’s important you are visible (even outside the challenge group/events), that you keep your energy up, you consistently remind people everything they are learning and accomplishing in your event. 

Staying aware of attention span is one of your biggest jobs. 

This awareness will help you from the moment you announce your virtual event to during the event when you want to keep everyone engaged!

Resources & Inspiration For Your Virtual Events

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